2000s Icon Nikki Webster Wants To Do A 2017 Version Of ‘Strawberry Kisses’

Early 2000s child pop-icon and centrepiece of the Sydney Olympics, Nikki Webster, has suddenly and inexplicably reappeared in the Australian cultural landscape, along with her biggest hit, the 2001 confection ‘Strawberry Kisses‘. Just yesterday she appeared on Sunrise, at the top of the Harbour Bridge, for some reason, and accompanied by rapping dad/weatherman Sam Mac.Read More

Today interview

DAVID CAMPBELL: Now, the Olympic Games are well and truly underway. One person who got into the spirit of the opening ceremony over the weekend was one Nikki Webster! SONIA KRUGER: That’s right, Nikki was just thirteen years old when she was hand-picked to headline proceedings at the Sydney games in 2000, and she joinsRead More