Nikki’s Best Day

When Nikki Webster flew to a beautiful Aussie island to film her latest video for “The Best Days”, she invited Big Hit along for the ride … What was the best thing about filming the video? Basically my last two videos have been in a studio, so being on location in Stradbroke Island in QueenslandRead More

Nikki Follows Yellow Brick Road

WITH a career that’s flown over the rainbow in a little more than 12 months, teenage star Nikki Webster needs no wistful refrain like Dorothy’s to guide her future. The 14-year-old has leapt from her centre-stage performance at last year’s Olympics to the starring role in a stage version of The Wizard of Oz, whichRead More

Small Poppy

Nikki Webster aims to silence her critics with The Wizard of Oz Nikki Webster is being swept off her feet. Two weeks into rehearsals of The Wizard of Oz, choreographer Kelly Aykers is nutting out a complicated dance number that sees the pocket-size Dorothy spun from partner to partner when one’s hands slip and WebsterRead More

Friends of Dorothy

A brain, courage, heart: it has taken the lot to stage The Wizard of Oz, as John Shand discovered during the rehearsals. Week one “We’re not in Kansas anymore, Portia, I mean, Toto…” The real Wizard of Oz is not the mighty necromancer who bestows courage on gutless lions or gives brains to straw-headed scarecrows.Read More

Olympic singer Nikki Webster

R. Atkin of Wellesley, Mass., asks ‘Whatever happened to…?’ Olympic singer Nikki Webster The spritely 13-year-old who floated 80 feet above Sydney’s Olympic Stadium in the opening ceremonies of the Olympics a year ago is now an Australian superstar. Winsome Nikki Webster thrilled crowds with her poise and charm. An estimated 3.5 billion viewers worldwideRead More

Shopping with Nikki W

Australia’s teen queen Nikki Webster is a young woman on the move yet still finds time to make Christmas special, Danielle Teutsch reports. NIKKI Webster is one of the few people who could be forgiven for doing their Christmas shopping at the last minute. The young star of last year’s Olympic Opening Ceremony has releasedRead More

Nikki’s A 10

From The Eye’s ROSS BRUNDRETT and PETA HELLARD WE may not have heard of Nikki Webster 14 months ago, but the singer, who became famous after the Olympics opening ceremony, has been ranked in the top 10 of the most powerful people in Australian entertainment. The teenager was ranked above such luminaries as The Wiggles,Read More