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Nikki Webster is back with her new album, Bliss, and her catchy new song, 24/7 (Crazy ‘Bout Your Smile)… What can we expect from your new album? “My voice has aged since Follow Your Heart, and the material on my new album is just a little bit older because it’s what a 15-year-old would singRead More

Too good to be true

Nikki Webster is living the dream of many a young girl. She’s become a star. At 15 she already has fame and fortune. But what exactly do we love about her? Kris Olsson investigates. It is just possible that the story you are reading here will not be to your liking. I am not sureRead More

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Steven_ninemsn says: ninemsn presents a Live Interview with Nikki Webster. Ask Nikki your questions about her phenomenal career and her new album Bliss. Steven_ninemsn says: Nikki, thank you so much for joining us here today. Its a pleasure to hear about your newest release. Nikki Webster says: Thank you for having me. Steven_ninemsn says: WeRead More

Tribute to bomb victims

Only two years ago, Robyn Webster and her daughter Kristie made an excited phone call to their longtime family friend, Nikki Webster, to congratulate her on a stunning performance at the Olympic opening ceremony. But last week, the message on Nikki Webster’s phone was the worst possible: Robyn and Kristie had been in Bali whenRead More

Flying colours

The little bird on the wire is soaring higher, writes Bob Hart SHOWBIZ careers are inclined to start at ground level and, if all goes swimmingly, soar to great heights: not Nikki Webster’s. She first hit our radar screens at altitude – dangling high above Stadium Australia at the opening ceremony of the 2000 Olympics.Read More

Ask Nikki Webster

Nikki Dub faces some rough treatment from the media, and you wanted to know just what she thinks of the nasty things that are said about her. She also opens up to Smash Hits about radio refusing to play her songs and whether she has a boyfriend! What do you say to people who suggestRead More

Nikki’s beautiful life

Remember the little girl who stole the show at the 2000 Olympics? Nikki Webster’s now a big star, touring Europe and hanging out with her pal Kylie Minogue You could understand why Nikki Webster’s classmates could be green with envy. Licking envelopes in an office for work experience doesn’t compare to touring Europe and singingRead More

“I’ve grown up!”

The Return of Nikki Webster It’s been a hectic few months for Nikki Webster. After finishing up the Sydney season of her musical The Wizard of Oz, she headed straight to the studio to record her second album, before jetting overseas to promote her first single “Strawberry Kisses”. Now she’s back home and not onlyRead More