Zoo Weekly interview

Australia’s sexiest pop singer Nikki Webster is in Nashville, writing songs for her new album. Good news: she still prefers Aussie blokes! What the hell are you doing in America? I’m working with some songwriters in Nashville, really just honing the craft. It’s exciting. I’ve been working with people who have done stuff with JessicaRead More

The girl who flew too high

At the Sydney Olympics she was the most famous girl in Australia. How did teenager Nikki Webster become an object of ridicule, and what does her treatment say about us, asks Larry Writer. Last time we looked, Nikki Webster wasn’t responsible for the war in Iraq, or the hike in petrol prices. In fact, thereRead More

High School Formal

Nikki Webster Performer and recording artist McDonald College of Performing Arts, Sydney – Class of 2004 What do you remember of your high school formal? The most memorable part of the night was everyone in my year arriving in their beautiful gowns and the love and happiness that were spread throughout the room. What isRead More

Webster’s warning

SYDNEY Olympics teen performer Nikki Webster has warned next week’s young opening ceremony stars to get thick skins in preparation for the knocks to come. Webster says Australia turned on her after the 2000 Games and she thinks she’ll never outlive the stigma. “For a 13-year-old who’s just represented their country . . . toRead More