All Grown Up

From the outside, child stardom is a parade of movie premieres, magazine covers and days off school. But what does it feel like from the inside? Christine Sams meets the kids who outgrew the role. Kate Ritchie had been appearing on Home And Away for more than five years when someone moved in close behindRead More

Interview with Nikki Webster

At what age did you become interested in dance & entertainment? Nikki Webster: I first started going to singing. dancing lessons at the age of 4 or 5… I just loved it… it was such a social thing for me. I was quite shy and it really allowed me to come out of my shell.Read More

Famous faces – Nikki Webster

FACT STUFF Nicknames: Nikway, Mighty Mouse, Clumsy Famous for: Sydney 2000 Olympics Opening Ceremony Birthday: April 30 1987 Star sign: Taurus – I am a true Taurean, very stubborn Born: Sydney Lives (suburb): Rose Bay Colour of eyes: Dark brown Colour of hair: Blonde Height: Short Pets: Two beautiful dogs, Star and Princess Do youRead More

Traffic Stopper

What was your first car? The first car I ever drove was a Kia, which was my family’s car. But the first car I actually purchased was only a couple of months ago and that’s a little Mercedes A160, which is what I’m driving around at the moment. It was kind of a spur-of-the-moment decision.Read More

It pays to have a great accountant

Performer Nikki Webster is about to open her own dance studio. What was your first job? Being in the pantomime Cinderella in Sydney when I was five. What did you get paid? Probably about $200 for the whole season. Are you a saver or a spender? I’m a huge spender on friends and family, forRead More

Harness the moment

WHEN 13-year-old Nikki Webster left the stadium as the “Hero Girl” of the now famous ‘flying’ sequence of the Opening Ceremony of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, she had no idea what impact this choreographed moment would play in her life. Although she had already begun her training as a singer and dancer and performedRead More

Three questions: Nikki Webster

On a scale of one to 10, how annoying is Rob Mills? Rob Mills? Annoying? I wouldn’t say he’s annoying. I worked with him quite closely and he’s just a genuine womaniser, really. Do you ever regret not calling your 2004 release The Best Of Nikki Webster, So Far? That would have been a muchRead More

Keeping it in the family

Drew Sheldrick You can’t call starlet Nikki Webster and brother Scott’s new project anything but ambitious. Teaming up with your 20-something sibling to manage and develop a totally new dance school in the Inner-West was always going to be fraught with risk, if only in the sense that mixing business with family is always aRead More

Olympic star stages bright new venture

Sarah McInerney A 20-year-old opening a dance studio might seem premature, but Nikki Webster has the experience to back it up. Catapulted to stardom at age 13 when she performed at the opening ceremony of the Olympic games, Ms Webster will share her experience with a new generation of performers at Dance @ Nikki WebsterRead More