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…but she’s come a long way since then, from dance music to Dancing with the Stars. There’s been a fashion line and a foray into her own business, and she hasn’t even turned 30 yet.

SAMANTHA ARMYTAGE: My goodness. Nikki Webster joins us now. Good morning.

NIKKI WEBSTER: Good morning guys!

SAMANTHA: Welcome!


SAMANTHA: Nikki this is my dad Mack. Dad, Nikki.

MACK: Hi Nikki.

NIKKI: Lovely to meet you. Happy Fathers’ Day for Sunday.

MACK: Well, thank you.

SAMANTHA: Aww, that’s nice. Now look tell us about your role in this new movie Circle of Lies.

NIKKI: It’s just really exciting to be a part of an Australian film with such incredible actors. The director Matt Cerwen is just amazing, and to be on set with up-and-coming talent of Australia was so much fun. It’s my first acting, serious acting gig and you know, yeah it’s a bit of fun, but it deals with some really heavy issues, being bullying, what goes on in the schoolyard, social status at school and also the fact that friendship – building friendships and how to stay in a friendship, and stay in a little niche and a clique at school. And also the struggle of this girl who was miss popular becoming the discretion of all of the bullies at school, and her fight to I guess prove everybody wrong and come out on top.

So it’s really serious but on the other side it’s a great film about what happens at school in today’s world, and having text messages and Facebook and all those kind of social media things which, when I grew up, we didn’t have all of that. So it was really important –

SAMANTHA: Mmm, me neither.

NIKKI: Yeah! It was important to be a part of and just learn about the process of what our young teens are going through today, and the fact that it’s hard, you know, school is really tough these days!

SAMANTHA: It sure is.

MACK: The pressures are very different I’m sure.

NIKKI: It is, it is.

MACK: Nikki what made you choose this particular role?

NIKKI: I think, you know, having my dance studios, I teach a lot of 15 to 17-year-old girls and it’s really important for me to understand, when they come in and I see them being a little restrained, and they’re struggling at school, and obviously we try and create a happy environment for them to express themselves through dance and music, but a lot of them struggle at school because of bullying. So I wanted to understand it. I kinda, I didn’t really get involved in lunchtime antics at school. I was too busy worrying about, you know, my next single or what clothing range I was gonna release. So I didn’t really think about it that much. So I think that’s why I wanted to be a part of it. I also wanted to learn what being on set was about, and I always teach my children never say no to an opportunity that looks exciting, and when I was approached I thought, ‘Yeah, why not?’ Give it a go, try something different! [laughs]

SAMANTHA: You have to live by that. So what do you like best, do you pick one that you like?

NIKKI: I’m definitely a singer, I’m definitely a performer, but um, musical theatre is where I began, so – which is a bit of singing and more over-the-top acting I guess, but that’s my passion. But still pop music. I’ve just finished recording some music overseas, so hopefully we can get some stuff released in the future and you know, that’s just my – my plan is just to give everything a go and have the opportunity to do what I love doing, which is everything in this industry.

SAMANTHA: Good on you. You love musical theatre, don’t you Dad?

MACK: Oh well, I think I do, yeah. Depends what it is of course, but anyway. No, that’s great.

SAMANTHA: You got any other questions?

MACK: No, I think that’ll do me. Yeah.

NIKKI: So the premiere’s tonight, so if you’re staying in Sydney you can come along to The Ritz at Randwick.

MACK: Is it? Well I’m sorry Nikki, I’m out of town about lunchtime, but I’ll..

NIKKI: You don’t wanna see a schoolyard film?

MACK: I’ll get a copy of it from somewhere.

NIKKI: Absolutely, absolutely.

SAMANTHA: Thank-you Nikki.

NIKKI: No problems at all. Thank-you for your support. Thanks guys.

MACK: Thanks Nikki.

SAMANTHA: Great to see you. Good luck with the movie. Okay. Well done, Dad. Your first interview on national television.

MACK: Could be my last.

SAMANTHA: I’m sure it will be!

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