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Best thing about being Nikki Webster?
The best thing about being me is, um, getting to do things I love doing at such a young age. Getting to make music and, you know, just making people smile.

Tell us about Dancing In The Street?
The whole album that’s coming out in February has got quite a few remakes of old songs, and also quite a few original songs. So we wanted to make Dancing in the Street our own style and we did that really well, and it was a song we couldn’t get out of our heads.

What’s changed since your first two albums?
I think the process is a lot more fun. You know, we spend more time in the recording studio and we’re allowed to try things, and I try things with my voice and just see what works, and I have a lot more creative input into what goes onto the album.

How do you balance your career and school?
Well I still go to school, I’ve got one more year to go after this year, so that’s pretty exciting. Um, I think just having a great group of friends around me. They’re the ones that keep my feet on the ground.

If you weren’t being an entertainer?
My mum’s a childcare worker, so I’ve been around her childcare center ever since I was born I think, so um, definitely maybe helping children complete their dreams and just making people happy. That’s what I’d like to be doing.

Your critics?
I think they need to get to know me first. Um, a lot of people who say, you know, mean things about me don’t really know me. So most of the people that I’ve met know that I’m a really down-to-earth 16-year-old and that I’m just happy doing what I’m doing.

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