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Nikki Webster is back with her new album, Bliss, and her catchy new song, 24/7 (Crazy ‘Bout Your Smile)… What can we expect from your new album? “My voice has aged since Follow Your Heart, and the material on my new album is just a little bit older because it’s what a 15-year-old would singRead More

NineMSN Webchat

Steven_ninemsn says: ninemsn presents a Live Interview with Nikki Webster. Ask Nikki your questions about her phenomenal career and her new album Bliss. Steven_ninemsn says: Nikki, thank you so much for joining us here today. Its a pleasure to hear about your newest release. Nikki Webster says: Thank you for having me. Steven_ninemsn says: WeRead More

Nikki Rocks!

The wait is over! Nikki Webster is back with a hot new single, Something More Beautiful! Are you just so excited that you have a new single out!!! Yes! What do you think of Something More Beautiful? I love it! It’s different, because it’s in-between a pop song and a ballad. How long did itRead More