Take40 Interview

On what Devilicious means: “To me it just means girl power and having fun, and being a little bit cheeky but in a good way, and being a little bit devilish, and really being positive about self-image and being a girl in a nightclub, dancing away and getting rid of your fear.” “I’m excited, I’mRead More

Nikki Webster Q & A

Our Olympic pop sweetheart is pushing her boundaries, writes Cameron Adams. What has been the reaction to your comeback single Devilicious? I’ve been working on this track for so long, writing it, contacting the producers, building it up. When you finish it you can’t wait to get it out, but just before that you think,Read More

Darling Nikki

Dakota Fanning, Macaulay Culkin, Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus… these are the child stars we have come to know and love. Nikki Webster is also part of this pantheon, but her status as a former child star is one often treated with contempt. After all, we as a nation seem to hate anyone who even remotelyRead More

In the Nik of time

Nikki Webster is proudly showing off ‘the real me’ Let’s get one thing very straight. Nikki Webster has never done drugs, overdosed on booze, disgraced herself at nightspots, dried out in rehab or even suffered from an eating disorder. Shady figures in nightclub bathrooms have offered her pills. Yes, she once trashed Michael Jackson’s hotelRead More

Nikki channels the devil inside

When I was offered an interview with Nikki Webster, I was sceptical. Not that I was questioning her talent, but as a kid I was jealous of her for living the life I dreamed of. That she sang with Kylie at the 2000 Olympics just killed me. Webster has faced a lot of backlash. TheRead More

Webster makes comeback tilt

Sydney Olympics darling Nikki Webster is making a musical comeback, five years after her last release. Webster, now 22, is set to release a new single next month, an upbeat pop dance track called Devilicious. Having used producers who have worked with the likes of Madonna, Britney Spears, Beyonce and Akon, she says she’s excitedRead More

Why is Nikki our national punchline?

Nikki Webster’s BACK with a new single – OK, control yourself… “Really!? Why?” asks my partner, who’s laughing as I tell him that today I’ll be interviewing former child star Nikki Webster. This reaction has been pretty standard, really. You’re probably laughing too, right? Let’s be honest; we’ve made a national punchline out of theRead More