Nikki has new tune

EIGHT years since the release of her last album, Nikki Webster says she is finally ready to return to music. Famous for her involvement in the opening ceremony of the Sydney Olympics, Webster, 25, says she’s struggled to find her way. She’s tried country, dance and even rock music, and her new single Long HotRead More

Nikki Webster Q & A

Our Olympic pop sweetheart is pushing her boundaries, writes Cameron Adams. What has been the reaction to your comeback single Devilicious? I’ve been working on this track for so long, writing it, contacting the producers, building it up. When you finish it you can’t wait to get it out, but just before that you think,Read More

The Big Arvo interview

Interview by Luke Jacobz [We’ll Be One plays] Luke: At the age of thirteen my guest became one of the most recognisable Australians in history. She’s performed with Michael Jackson, she’s been nominated for ARIA’s, plus she’s also doing her HSC. Most importantly, she is my friend. Nikki Webster, how are you? Nikki: Good! Luke:Read More

Write your own pop songs!

Ever wanted to create your own song from scratch? We asked a couple of our friends, Nikki and Mandy, to tell us how they do it! So what are you waiting for? Get writing! Nikki Webster TG: Do you write any of your own songs? N: I’m just starting to at the moment – thereRead More

Ask Nikki Webster

Nikki Dub faces some rough treatment from the media, and you wanted to know just what she thinks of the nasty things that are said about her. She also opens up to Smash Hits about radio refusing to play her songs and whether she has a boyfriend! What do you say to people who suggestRead More

“I’ve grown up!”

The Return of Nikki Webster It’s been a hectic few months for Nikki Webster. After finishing up the Sydney season of her musical The Wizard of Oz, she headed straight to the studio to record her second album, before jetting overseas to promote her first single “Strawberry Kisses”. Now she’s back home and not onlyRead More

Nikki’s Best Day

When Nikki Webster flew to a beautiful Aussie island to film her latest video for “The Best Days”, she invited Big Hit along for the ride … What was the best thing about filming the video? Basically my last two videos have been in a studio, so being on location in Stradbroke Island in QueenslandRead More