Child stars cut down

By David Richardson We like to describe Australia as the land of the ‘fair go’ but that’s far from the truth when it comes to the treatment of our young stars. Some people are hell bent on tearing down child stars. Whether it’s fourteen-year-old Jack Vidgen, or six-year-old Eden Wood, there’s no stopping those whoRead More

Webster’s warning

Former teen star Nikki Webster has issued a warning to 14-year-old Australia’s Got Talent singing sensation Jack Vidgen. The 24-year-old, who at age 13 shot to fame when she starred in the Sydney Olympics opening ceremony, has advised the star on the rise that moving overseas will help avoid tall poppy syndrome. “I wish IRead More

Nikki Webster Q & A

Our Olympic pop sweetheart is pushing her boundaries, writes Cameron Adams. What has been the reaction to your comeback single Devilicious? I’ve been working on this track for so long, writing it, contacting the producers, building it up. When you finish it you can’t wait to get it out, but just before that you think,Read More

Why is Nikki our national punchline?

Nikki Webster’s BACK with a new single – OK, control yourself… “Really!? Why?” asks my partner, who’s laughing as I tell him that today I’ll be interviewing former child star Nikki Webster. This reaction has been pretty standard, really. You’re probably laughing too, right? Let’s be honest; we’ve made a national punchline out of theRead More

All Grown Up

From the outside, child stardom is a parade of movie premieres, magazine covers and days off school. But what does it feel like from the inside? Christine Sams meets the kids who outgrew the role. Kate Ritchie had been appearing on Home And Away for more than five years when someone moved in close behindRead More

The girl who flew too high

At the Sydney Olympics she was the most famous girl in Australia. How did teenager Nikki Webster become an object of ridicule, and what does her treatment say about us, asks Larry Writer. Last time we looked, Nikki Webster wasn’t responsible for the war in Iraq, or the hike in petrol prices. In fact, thereRead More

Webster’s warning

SYDNEY Olympics teen performer Nikki Webster has warned next week’s young opening ceremony stars to get thick skins in preparation for the knocks to come. Webster says Australia turned on her after the 2000 Games and she thinks she’ll never outlive the stigma. “For a 13-year-old who’s just represented their country . . . toRead More

Have we been fair to Nikki?

Nikki Webster is not about to be cut down by the tall-poppy syndrome. She has a burgeoning showbusiness career to get on with, reports Anne Crawford. The Wizard of Oz rehearsal is set to begin in a large hall in Prahran. Toto the dog has had a final brush. Artistic directors position themselves on longRead More