Today interview

DAVID CAMPBELL: Now, the Olympic Games are well and truly underway. One person who got into the spirit of the opening ceremony over the weekend was one Nikki Webster! SONIA KRUGER: That’s right, Nikki was just thirteen years old when she was hand-picked to headline proceedings at the Sydney games in 2000, and she joinsRead More

Nikki Webster chats to Sunrise

…but she’s come a long way since then, from dance music to Dancing with the Stars. There’s been a fashion line and a foray into her own business, and she hasn’t even turned 30 yet. SAMANTHA ARMYTAGE: My goodness. Nikki Webster joins us now. Good morning. NIKKI WEBSTER: Good morning guys! SAMANTHA: Welcome! NIKKI:Thank-you! SAMANTHA:Read More

Nikki’s ceremony

HERMIONE KITSON: Well, just days away from the Olympics opening ceremony, it might be hard to believe that twelve years have already passed since Sydney was the focus of the world’s attention, and at the center of it all was a tiny girl, Nikki Webster, who drew thunderous applause playing a crucial role in aRead More

Take40 Interview

On what Devilicious means: “To me it just means girl power and having fun, and being a little bit cheeky but in a good way, and being a little bit devilish, and really being positive about self-image and being a girl in a nightclub, dancing away and getting rid of your fear.” “I’m excited, I’mRead More

The Big Arvo interview

Interview by Luke Jacobz [We’ll Be One plays] Luke: At the age of thirteen my guest became one of the most recognisable Australians in history. She’s performed with Michael Jackson, she’s been nominated for ARIA’s, plus she’s also doing her HSC. Most importantly, she is my friend. Nikki Webster, how are you? Nikki: Good! Luke:Read More