StarNow Twitter Q&A

Live Twitter Q&A with Nikki Webster (@nikkiwebster) and Anna Lawrence (@itsannalouise). @zinkymomo: What has been your best acting experience? @nikkiwebster: Hero girl in the sydney 2000 olympic opening ceremony @itsannalouise: honestly it would be making #circleoflies. I met so many people and my learning curve was immense! #starnowLive @ashsparkle: What has been your worst actingRead More

NineMSN Webchat

Steven_ninemsn says: ninemsn presents a Live Interview with Nikki Webster. Ask Nikki your questions about her phenomenal career and her new album Bliss. Steven_ninemsn says: Nikki, thank you so much for joining us here today. Its a pleasure to hear about your newest release. Nikki Webster says: Thank you for having me. Steven_ninemsn says: WeRead More

RadioUndercover online chat

Transcript – Nikki Webster On 20th August 2001, Nikki Webster joined a worldwide, online audience from the radioundercover Studios in Melbourne, Australia. y_undercover_ros: Hi everyone! Great to have you here for today’s chat with… y_undercover_ros: NIKKI WEBSTER!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!! y_undercover_ros: Nikki is dropping by the radioundercover studios in Melbourne, Australia, to answer as many of YOURRead More

60 Minutes live chat

Ninemsn in association with 60 Minutes presents a live interview with Nikki Webster, young star of the Olympics opening ceremony. Host amicus_9msn: Nikki, welcome to our interview tonight in cyberspace. Host Nikki Webster: Hello, I’m free to talk. Host amicus_9msn: Nikki, let’s get right to the questions from our chatters. Everyone has been awaiting yourRead More