Young star shines brightly

By Nikki Webster

When I flew last night, I wasn’t scared – just thrilled to be a part of the opening ceremony seen by billions of people around the world.

I couldn’t see anyone in the crowd while I was swimming, and just concentrated on pretending I was at the beach and in the ocean to make people believe the story. The Deep Sea section of the ceremony was my favourite because I love going to the beach. It was amazing to be up there, 25m off the ground, and so much fun. Even in my first audition I wasn’t scared when they lifted us up to test our nerves, then took us up a bit higher into the stadium.

When I won the part I was so excited, and since then the training has not taken that long. I had to spend the most time learning the flying sequence, and that is a great new skill to have.

It was a great honour to be part of the ceremony and perform in the stadium, and also to meet some of my idols like John Farnham and Olivia Newton-John. I look up to Olivia because I love her voice and she’s gone so far with her career, which I hope will happen to me too.

I hope my performance last night helps me with further opportunities and pushes along my dream of being a pop star and an actor. Olivia has given me some encouraging words which I will always remember, saying I have an amazing voice. I just love her, she has been my idol since I first saw Grease when I was about five years old. That was when I first started performing and I have been dancing, singing, and acting ever since.

I sang at the Royal Easter Show, and I’ve been in the Sound of Music, but last night’s performance was the most thrilling.

But even though I know my life will change today because of the publicity, it won’t change me.

Source: The Herald Sun
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