“I Met Nikki Webster”

D-Girl reader Edwina was lucky enough to be our roving celeb reporter, and got to interview one of her fave singers, Nikki Webster!

DG: How many music lessons do you have a year?
N: Probably one a week but sometimes none, so it just depends. If I’m performing, my performances are kind of my music lessons I suppose.

DG: When you were in The Wizard of Oz how did you go to school?
N: When I was doing Wizard of Oz I had a full-time tutor. My school work was sent home and I worked with the tutor. He also went to the shows with me. But otherwise, I go to school.

DG: Do you have any pets?
N: I do. I have two dogs. One called Star and one called Princess. I have a bird called Cheeky and I have a fish called Angelwings. I also have a duck who doesn’t live with me anymore, but his name is Quackers.

DG: I like wearing the Nikki Webster clothes. Do you design them?
N: I do. I design them straight from when I’m drawing them on a piece of paper, to seeing them designed on the computer, to actually seeing them made, and then seeing you walking around in them.

DG: What is your latest album Let’s Dance like?
N: It’s mostly dance but it’s got a kind of rock feel. Basically, it’s for people who like to dance, so it’s full of really upbeat songs. There are six original songs that have been written specially for the album and six remakes. It’s different from my last album because it has a story to it, and really different beats and perspectives.

Nikki Webster Fact File

Favourite Book
“My favourite book at the moment has to be Cloudstreet by Tim Winton, because I just studied it in English.”

Favourite Games
“I like playing Uno and Monopoly.”

Favourite Movie
“My most recent favourite is Finding Nemo but it could change because I’m going to see Shrek.”

Favourite Singers
“My favourite singers are definitely Usher and Christina Aguilera.”

Favourite Song
“My favourite song is probably OutKast’s Hey Ya.”

Source: Disney Girl
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