Baby on board for Nikki

Former child star Nikki Webster is set to become a mother. The 26-year-old singer, who tied the knot with her long-time love Matthew McMah last year, revealed to Woman’s Day magazine that the couple were expecting their first child together, due early next year. “We weren’t trying, so it was a beautiful surprise,” Webster, above,Read More

Nikki Webster chats to Sunrise

…but she’s come a long way since then, from dance music to Dancing with the Stars. There’s been a fashion line and a foray into her own business, and she hasn’t even turned 30 yet. SAMANTHA ARMYTAGE: My goodness. Nikki Webster joins us now. Good morning. NIKKI WEBSTER: Good morning guys! SAMANTHA: Welcome! NIKKI:Thank-you! SAMANTHA:Read More

StarNow Twitter Q&A

Live Twitter Q&A with Nikki Webster (@nikkiwebster) and Anna Lawrence (@itsannalouise). @zinkymomo: What has been your best acting experience? @nikkiwebster: Hero girl in the sydney 2000 olympic opening ceremony @itsannalouise: honestly it would be making #circleoflies. I met so many people and my learning curve was immense! #starnowLive @ashsparkle: What has been your worst actingRead More