“I’ve grown up!”

The Return of Nikki Webster It’s been a hectic few months for Nikki Webster. After finishing up the Sydney season of her musical The Wizard of Oz, she headed straight to the studio to record her second album, before jetting overseas to promote her first single “Strawberry Kisses”. Now she’s back home and not onlyRead More

Have we been fair to Nikki?

Nikki Webster is not about to be cut down by the tall-poppy syndrome. She has a burgeoning showbusiness career to get on with, reports Anne Crawford. The Wizard of Oz rehearsal is set to begin in a large hall in Prahran. Toto the dog has had a final brush. Artistic directors position themselves on longRead More

Good Morning Australia

BERT NEWTON: Nikki Webster and Nancye Hayes. Don’t want to make this an unabashed plug for the show, but I just thought it might be interesting. I made the comment that it’s a big show for a director. Now from people away from, from theatre, they might say is big simply the number of theRead More

Nikki Follows Yellow Brick Road

WITH a career that’s flown over the rainbow in a little more than 12 months, teenage star Nikki Webster needs no wistful refrain like Dorothy’s to guide her future. The 14-year-old has leapt from her centre-stage performance at last year’s Olympics to the starring role in a stage version of The Wizard of Oz, whichRead More

Small Poppy

Nikki Webster aims to silence her critics with The Wizard of Oz Nikki Webster is being swept off her feet. Two weeks into rehearsals of The Wizard of Oz, choreographer Kelly Aykers is nutting out a complicated dance number that sees the pocket-size Dorothy spun from partner to partner when one’s hands slip and WebsterRead More

Friends of Dorothy

A brain, courage, heart: it has taken the lot to stage The Wizard of Oz, as John Shand discovered during the rehearsals. Week one “We’re not in Kansas anymore, Portia, I mean, Toto…” The real Wizard of Oz is not the mighty necromancer who bestows courage on gutless lions or gives brains to straw-headed scarecrows.Read More