In the Nik of time

Nikki Webster is proudly showing off ‘the real me’ Let’s get one thing very straight. Nikki Webster has never done drugs, overdosed on booze, disgraced herself at nightspots, dried out in rehab or even suffered from an eating disorder. Shady figures in nightclub bathrooms have offered her pills. Yes, she once trashed Michael Jackson’s hotelRead More

The girl who flew too high

At the Sydney Olympics she was the most famous girl in Australia. How did teenager Nikki Webster become an object of ridicule, and what does her treatment say about us, asks Larry Writer. Last time we looked, Nikki Webster wasn’t responsible for the war in Iraq, or the hike in petrol prices. In fact, thereRead More

Smells like tween spirit

Nikki Webster is now 17, but is she acting her age? Craig Mathieson reports. In an empty auditorium at the Yarraville Club, Nikki Webster is singing to her past. Standing on stage, running through Somewhere Over the Rainbow as part of her pre-show soundcheck, the 17-year-old pop star is clad in black: leather jacket, jeansRead More

Ask Nikki Webster

Nikki Dub faces some rough treatment from the media, and you wanted to know just what she thinks of the nasty things that are said about her. She also opens up to Smash Hits about radio refusing to play her songs and whether she has a boyfriend! What do you say to people who suggestRead More

Small Poppy

Nikki Webster aims to silence her critics with The Wizard of Oz Nikki Webster is being swept off her feet. Two weeks into rehearsals of The Wizard of Oz, choreographer Kelly Aykers is nutting out a complicated dance number that sees the pocket-size Dorothy spun from partner to partner when one’s hands slip and WebsterRead More

Jumping for joy

Sydney schoolgirl and showbiz tyro Nikki Webster finds fame after her gravity-defying performance at the opening ceremony On Sept. 17, Mark and Tina Webster did what they do most Sundays: took their children, Nikki, 13, and Scott, 16, to the movies. But this time all the stars weren’t on the screen. As the Websters strolledRead More